Sarah Saleh is a fourth-year student with a double major in Political Science and Communication Studies. She attended the event entitled, “Canada and Europe: Converging or Diverging Responses to International and Domestic Challenges?” as part of FPA Research Month.

It was raining outside the River Building when scholars and professors from across Canada and Europe launched “Canada and Europe: Converging or Diverging Responses to International and Domestic Challenges?” The international conference was on the recent developments between Canada and Europe.

It features the strong and deep bilateral relationships Canada has developed with the European Union (EU). Canada shares a long history with both EU and non-EU Member States. The EU is Canada’s second largest trade partner and a central actor on the vast majority of domestic and international issues. Amongst those were issues discussed today.

The first panel highlighted the opportunities and challenges in trade and economic agreement implementation followed by the second panel on crisis management and the EU- Canada strategic partnership. Guest participation came from different European countries including Germany, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Latvia.

The last two panels discussed Canada and Europe’s response to challenges of environmental sustainability and migration.

Achim Hurrelmann, associate Professor at Carleton and director of the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), had the final word of the day introducing the textbook project “European Union Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective”. According to Hurrelmann, “The textbook is aimed at educating Canadian students with no background on the EU and introducing it to its complex and diversified policy making.”

-Sara Saleh

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