Spring is usually a special time at Carleton, as students work to complete a term of study and many focus on beginning another, while others prepare for Convocation. The Spring of 2020 is also special…but for rather different reasons as we continue to deal with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That said, the Summer term of 2020 is promising to be one of our most successful ever, thanks to the FPA community coming together to deliver courses remotely. Indeed, there are more than 7,000 student enrolments in courses offered this Summer by FPA units at both graduate and undergraduate levels. This could only happen because of the dedication of my colleagues in this wonderful Faculty.

It is an accomplishment that demonstrates that even though we may be a campus and a country in the throes of a global health crisis, as a Faculty and an academic community we remain focused on the well-being of our students and will persevere.

We are beginning to see a gradual lifting of confinement measures in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world. While we are still far away from a full return to normal, I am encouraged by the resilience and readiness demonstrated by our faculty, staff, contract instructors, students, and the Carleton community as a whole.

The world has changed drastically and dramatically in an extremely short period of time. The ways that we connect with one another have changed, some argue, irrevocably. Yet the mission of the Faculty of Public Affairs – to build better societies and better democracy, to foster informed citizenship, and to address regional and global challenges – remains as strong and as true as ever.





André Plourde
Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs