General Course Information

IPAF 4900: Student-Professor Agreement

Insurance coverage:

This course involves participation in an unpaid work placement as part of the requirements.  Please visit  to review the information on unpaid work placements and to complete the insurance forms required for participation.

Determination of grades:

Standing in IPAF 4900 is determined by the course instructor subject to the approval of the Faculty Dean. This means that grades submitted by the instructor may be subject to revision.  No grades are final until they have been approved by the Dean.


The University Senate defines plagiarism as “presenting, whether intentionally or not, the ideas, expression of ideas or work of others as one’s own.”  This can include:

  • reproducing or paraphrasing portions of someone else’s published or unpublished material, regardless of the source, and presenting these as one’s own without proper citation or reference to the original source;
  • submitting a take-home examination, essay, laboratory report or other assignment written, in whole or in part, by someone else;
  • using ideas or direct, verbatim quotations, or paraphrased material, concepts, or ideas without appropriate acknowledgment in any academic assignment;
  • using another’s data or research findings;
  • failing to acknowledge sources through the use of proper citations when using another’s works and/or failing to use quotation marks;
  • handing in “substantially the same piece of work for academic credit more than once without prior written permission of the course instructor in which the submission occurs.”

Plagiarism is a serious offence that cannot be resolved directly by the course’s instructor.  The Associate Dean of the Faculty conducts a rigorous investigation, including an interview with the student, when an instructor suspects a piece of work has been plagiarized.  Penalties are not trivial. They can include a final grade of “F” for the course.

Academic Accommodation

You may need special arrangements to meet your academic obligations during the term. For an accommodation request the processes are as follows:

Pregnancy obligation: write to me with any requests for academic accommodation during the first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to exist. For more details see the Student Guide

Religious obligation: write to me with any requests for academic accommodation during the first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to exist. For more details see the Student Guide

 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:

The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC) provides services to students with Learning Disabilities (LD), psychiatric/mental health disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), chronic medical conditions, and impairments in mobility, hearing, and vision. If you have a disability requiring academic accommodations in this course, please contact PMC at 613-520-6608 or for a formal evaluation. If you are already registered with the PMC, contact your PMC coordinator to send me your Letter of Accommodation at the beginning of the term, and no later than two weeks before the first in-class scheduled test or exam requiring accommodation (if applicable). After requesting accommodation from PMC, meet with me to ensure accommodation arrangements are made. Please consult the PMC website for the deadline to request accommodations for the formally-scheduled exam (if applicable).

How to Register and Information for Administrators

  • All of the administration for IPAF 4900 is done by the professor’s unit. If the professor offering the IPAF 4900 research experience is in an undergraduate unit like Law or Economics, the administrative contact person is the undergraduate supervisor in the unit. If the professor offering the research experience is in a graduate unit like SPPA or NPSIA, the administrative contact person is the graduate supervisor.
  • A student registers for IPAF 4900 by taking this signed form and giving it to the undergraduate administrator for the professor’s unit. For SPPA and NPSIA, please give the form to the departmental administrator.
  • The administrative person should:
    • scan this signed form, and
    • keep a copy, and send a copy to
    • assign the appropriate override in Banner to allow the student permission to register in the appropriate section of IPAF 4900 (see below)
    • instructing the student to register in the appropriate section of IPAF 4900 (see below).
If the Professor’s unit is…. Their students should register in IPAF 4900 section….
  • The undergraduate supervisor is responsible for submitting and approving IPAF 4900 grades for their unit’s section. Chair/Director approval will be done by the Associate Dean responsible for IPAF 4900.
  • For any other questions or concerns, please email